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Jul 2, 2012

Turning Tables

I just discovered this new website called Turntable Kitchen.  Turntable Kitchen has put together two of my favorite things, delicious food and great music.  They have great playlist, recipes, and even a radio station on SHUFFLER.FM I have been listening to while I post this.  

The Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box Experience from High Beam Media on Vimeo.

Here is what they send you with your $25 monthly subscription.

vinyl Pairings Box tape Pairings Box leaf Pairings Box
A limited-edition, hand-numbered7-inch vinyl single featuring a pair of tracks by one of TK’s favorite artists/bands.An exclusive, downloadable
TK-curated digital mixtapepacked with some of the most exciting up-and-coming new artists we’ve listened to. Find the download code in your Tasting Notes.
1-2 Premium dried ingredientsfor you to make 2-4 servings of each dish or drink (depending on each month’s theme). Each month, we’ll feature a special spice, flour, grain, or bean you’ll need to pull together a fabulous meal for yourself and a few friends.

recipes Pairings Box

notes Pairings Box

cupcake Pairings Box
A collection of three completely original, seasonal, themed recipesfor you to try. You won’t
be able to find them anywhere else.
Our suggested Pairings, Tasting Notes, and additional insightsinto the music and food that we’re sharing with you.Occasional treats like partner products, giveaways, contributed recipes, and bonus ingredients along the way!

This makes a great gift too! (hint, hint, is my husband reading this?)


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  1. A great idea! Definitely going to give this as a gift to friends...and family. ;) - julie


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