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May 28, 2012

Let the Music Play!

Here is my new playlist to start the day off with a down tempo vibe.  I make all my playlist on 8tracks.com.  It is free to join and you can listen to any playlist you want on 8tracks.  8tracks has an app for the iPhone and Android so you can listen to it anywhere.  If you click on my name below it will lead you to my profile page on 8tracks where you can hear all the playlist I make and see who I follow.  If you join 8tracks and make some playlist, let me know so I can follow you.  Where do you find new music?   

1. Angelica - Lamb
2. Paradise Circus - Massive Attack
3. Blackmagic - Jose James
4. Drunk on Love - Rihanna
5. Right Thing To Do - SBTRKT (feat. Jessie Ware)
6. Fail Forever - When Saints Go Machine
7. Little Things - The Peach Kings
8. The Moon is Gone - Earnest Saint Laurent
9. In Your Eyes (2011)- Peter Gabriel 
10. Sleep to Dream Her - Dave Matthews Band

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May 25, 2012

Oh... You... Look... So... Beautiful Tonight

Perfection is overrated sometimes.  Sometimes we spend too much time styling our hair into a perfect "do".   I have always been a fan of messy hair; I haven't brushed my hair in years!  Yes, it is true, I comb my fingers through it in the shower, than I put my products in it and blow-dry my bangs. I think messy tousled hair can be really sexy and stylish.  I love this messy fishtail braid I did on Chelsea.  It's perfect for that third day dirty, hair.

Here's how to do it:

First section your hair in two sections and grab a small section from the outside of the right section.

Bring small section to left side, now do the same with the left section.  Grab a small section from the outside and bring to right side.

Continue this all the way down making sure you get a small section from each side and bringing it to opposite side.

Secure the braid with a rubber band.

Now pull the braid wide to give it that soft messy look.  Start at the top and work your way down the braid.  It's fine if pieces fall out of the braid.  

 Go on, give it a try.  Do you think you can get rid of your brush for a day?

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Palm Springs, Baby!

Yes, I'm a creature of habit.  Aren't you? 
 Every year, since we have been married, we go to Palm Springs.  We usually go in the spring and summer because I love hot weather, and lying by a pool (with a Margarita in my hand)!   My kids love going to Palm Springs too.  There's nothing better than swimming at night in warm weather!

Well, this year I changed up our usual Palm Springs vacation.  We decided to check out the Palm Springs Tramway and hike around up there.  

You take the tram up Chino Canyon to the peak at 8516 ft.  It's a great ride up because the whole tram rotates 360 degrees so everyone can enjoy the spectacular views.

We went in April and even though it was 80 degrees at the bottom there was some snow at the top.

She loves climbing on everything!

 We got a little lost.  The guide told us to go over the bridge and take the trail on the right. 
"Um, which trail?"

So we went right and kept walking...

and walking...

until there was too much snow and not much of a trail.  

So we headed back and found the trail that leads to the spectacular views of the valley below.

I love this picture.

My hubby enjoying the view.

We made it!  
Here's the beautiful view form one of the many rocks we climbed on after we found the right trail!

Now, to the pool! 

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May 23, 2012

This is the Picture

Here is the easy art project my daughter made with a little help from me. She made two posters, one for her, with a goalkeeper on it and one for her friend, with a midfield player on it. Yes, they are soccer players! 
She looked online for a quote she liked and also for the picture. Make sure the picture looks good as a silhouette.

Step 1. Put removable sticky letters on poster or canvas. We like the ones by ArtSkills because they are easy to remove. We wanted the words in different sizes and a little crooked. We also used the sticky letters to attach the picture to the poster.

Step 2. Spray paint the canvas. We used black, silver and white for this piece of art. We started with the darkest color and worked down to the lightest. You might have to touch up the dark when you are done.

Step 3. Let it dry and then peel off the letters and picture.

Here is her finished project!  Let me know how it goes!

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May 18, 2012

I Turn My Camera On

My style by michele jonietz
My style, a photo by michele jonietz on Flickr.
Stylish but comfortable is my work style. I stand all day long, doing my clients hair so I need comfortable shoes. I also don't want to spend a lot of money on my clothes because I sometimes get hair color on them. It's all about the accessories and shoes! 
What I'm wearing: 
Gap Jeans, super stretchy and comfortable.  Everyone should own a pair of cropped jeans, it's easier to tuck them into your boots. 
I am loving stripes right now.  This is one of my favorite shirts and I got it at Cotton On.  I always get compliments on this top and it was only $19!  I had to go and buy some for a few clients because they loved it so much. 
Boots are by Born, who makes super comfortable and reasonably priced shoes.
Chain is by Club Monaco
Beads are by
31 Bits (love this company, they buy the jewelry from women in Uganda who make these beads out of paper.)
One of my favorite things is this orange leather bracelet by Hermes (beautiful gift from a friend). 

Happy Shopping!

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