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May 25, 2012

Palm Springs, Baby!

Yes, I'm a creature of habit.  Aren't you? 
 Every year, since we have been married, we go to Palm Springs.  We usually go in the spring and summer because I love hot weather, and lying by a pool (with a Margarita in my hand)!   My kids love going to Palm Springs too.  There's nothing better than swimming at night in warm weather!

Well, this year I changed up our usual Palm Springs vacation.  We decided to check out the Palm Springs Tramway and hike around up there.  

You take the tram up Chino Canyon to the peak at 8516 ft.  It's a great ride up because the whole tram rotates 360 degrees so everyone can enjoy the spectacular views.

We went in April and even though it was 80 degrees at the bottom there was some snow at the top.

She loves climbing on everything!

 We got a little lost.  The guide told us to go over the bridge and take the trail on the right. 
"Um, which trail?"

So we went right and kept walking...

and walking...

until there was too much snow and not much of a trail.  

So we headed back and found the trail that leads to the spectacular views of the valley below.

I love this picture.

My hubby enjoying the view.

We made it!  
Here's the beautiful view form one of the many rocks we climbed on after we found the right trail!

Now, to the pool! 

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