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Aug 6, 2012

Oh, The Places We Have Been!

We are back from our ten-day, 2300 mile, road trip and we had so much fun.  We saw so many beautiful places along the California and Oregon Coast.  I'll fill you in about our trip soon.  

Whenever we go on a vacation we try and collect things that reminds us of the places we have been.  My kids and I love collecting rocks, shells, sticks, and sand and we've been doing it since 2005 when we rented a beach house in Capistrano Beach with our friends.  

Here they are in my house.

I like to put them in these jars I buy at Cost Plus World Market, you can find similar ones here. They come with chalk so you can write on them.  I'm going to find some white permanent paint or marker to write on them, the chalk is hard to write with and it comes off too easily.  I'll have my husband write it, as you can see, my writing is horrible.

It's all about creating memories for my kids!

What creative things do you do to remember the fun places you have been?

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