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Sep 12, 2012

Beautiful Big Sur, California

 I've driven through Big Sur before, but I have never really stopped and looked at all the beautiful beaches.  I made a list of the places I wanted to see and we discovered some new places along the way.  

Bixby Creek Bridge

We stopped at Nepenthe restaurant and had drinks and appetizers out on the beautiful patio overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  While I was shopping at The Phoenix Shop, one of the locals asked if we were headed north or south.  When I told him south he gave me the local Big Sur paper with a map of all the parks and beaches to stop and see along the coast.  He circled the ones he thought we had to see.  The people in Big Sur are so nice and laid back.  

We had to stop at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and see the Mc Way Falls.  

The tunnel to the falls.

Beautiful Mc Way Falls, (I thought it would be a lot bigger too, but it was still beautiful)

Look at that coastline!


We stopped at Willow Creek because the nice man at Nepenthe said the kids would like it and the beach has Jade.  

Rob and Emma looking for Jade

The kids skipping rocks on the beach.

Emma found a crab?

 Our last stop was to see the Elephant Seals at the Elephant Seal Rookery.

Look how close they are.
The kids were cracking up at how much effort it took for the seals to move a few feet.

Now, the long drive back home.

This was an amazing ten days; I wish we could have done it in two weeks.  We saw so much beauty along the west coast.  My family spent 7 days in our car together, talking, laughing, and listening to music and a book we downloaded on our iPhone.  Even though my kids would bicker and sometimes complain, I will miss these days of traveling together.  
I wouldn't trade it for the world!

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