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Sep 24, 2012

How I Style My Hair in Less than Ten Minutes!

 When I was at my friend Deidre's house this summer I was noticing she takes a long time to do her hair.  There were a lot of hot tools going on; blow dryer, curling brushes and it was over 100 degrees outside.  Deidre always likes how I style my hair and I told her she could have her hair look just like mine in way less time.  She said she saw my photo tutorial and tried it but her hair didn't turn out too good so I had to take her in the bathroom and show her how it's done. 

me, d and the hubs
See, doesn't our hair look the same?  Ready for a night out on the town!  Um, I think one of the kids took this photo so please excuse how blurry it is.  

Here it is, my video on how I style my hair in less than ten minutes.  Sorry about my phone dinging, I'll try to remember to turn it off next time.

Deidre and all you other long haired girls, this one's for you!
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  1. Up next.....gel nails for the girl on the go! lolo! Great blog posts mj

    1. Lets do it! I'm seeing you friday, remind me to take pictures!

    2. not gonna lie... I am feeling kinda famous!!! lol!!!!

  2. Here you go girls. You can buy the Davines Sea Salt Primer Spray here on amazon.


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