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Oct 29, 2012

7 Things You Should Splurge On For Your Home

I found this great article on Houzz about the seven things we should always splurge on for our homes.  It's written by Erika Ward owner at Erika Ward Interiors.

1. Window Coverings
Splurge on custom window treatments, it always dresses up a room.  

2. Linens and Towels
Consider anything that touches your bare skin an investment in comfort. Bed linens and towels with a high thread count are softer, durable and long lasting.

Modern Living Room design by San Francisco Interior Designer Chloe Warner

3. Upholstery

 Purchasing a quality sofa or other piece of upholstered furniture that stands up to the demands of your lifestyle is always a good idea. Cotton blends that have a high percentage of polyester provide optimal stain resistance and long-term wear. 

4. Room-Size Rug
It can take months to find the perfect rug, and when you do, it usually isn't cheap. Costs vary depending on the age, weaving technique, fiber content and dye method. 

5. Mattress
Good health is one of your biggest assets, and a good night's sleep is essential to your well-being. Experts recommend buying what's comfortable for you; there is no one size that fits all. Take your time when shopping for a mattress and select one that provides optimal support when you're sleeping on your side with hips and knees slightly flexed.

6. Original Artwork
A one-of-a-kind piece by its nature has special value. In addition to adding beauty and interest to the home, fine art gains extrinsic value as time passes.
 Seek out emerging artists and purchase pieces you love from them. Their work is likely to cost less than that of established artists, and you are still likely to see your investment grow in value over time.  

7. Countertops
Classic black and white honed granite countertops never go out of style.  

You should check out Houzz.com. Whenever I'm looking for some design inspiration or help with a remodeling project I look on their website.  You can find anything there, even orange front doors!
This is day 20 of the 31 days of Cheap & Chic series!  Check out the others here on The Nesting Place, who are doing this along with me.  

So, which splurge have you done?  

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  1. 2. Linens and Towels and 3. Upholstery, I especially agree! I need to buy new linens... I never thought of seeking out emerging artists, but that's a very good point.

    1. Yeah Kaho, I definitely need new linens. I started buying art awhile ago because we used to have art shows at my salon. Here's a few ideas for some art that the kids can make and your friends will think you bought them!
      Take care!

  2. I love Houzz! And I'm loving your blog, following you now and looking forward to more posts :-)

    Hope the course is going well for you

    Ginger (BYW) x

    1. Thanks Ginger, you're so sweet! How are you liking BYW? I'm really behind, I took on too much last month and now I'm playing catch-up. I love all the girls I'm meeting on it.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Take care,

  3. Hi Michelle, great post. Love the inspiration. I need to incorporate a few more of these into my life. I'm visiting from BYW class, tryin to catch up on Week 3 homework. Let's do an LA meet up.

    1. Thanks Kalani, I would love to meet up. Trying to catch up on BYW too! I'll find you on Twitter!


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