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Oct 6, 2012

The Best Accessory is a Great Haircut

The best accessory is a great haircut... period. I'm not saying you have to have perfectly coiffed hair, you know how I love messy hair. I'm saying that you need to have a great cut and color that works with your face shape, skin color and hair texture.  Women will spend $100 on shoes or a jacket or a good meal but they won't spend it on a great haircut that they will have to wear everyday?  Here are a few examples of some great cuts and color.  Found all of these on my Pinterest.  The source is underneath each picture.  

This is the perfect cut for fine hair
Source: google.com via Michele on Pinterest

Beautiful, layered, A-line bob
found it here

Love this curly hair
Color, long layers, gorgeous.
Source: wanelo.com via Michele on Pinterest
Cool short haircut
Shoulder length with bangs
Gorgeous color and long layers
Love this ombre color and long layers
Short and sexy
Modern Bob
Long layers and side swept bangs
Source: zimbio.com via Michele on Pinterest
Natural hilites and long layers
Source: glamour.com via Michele on Pinterest
Absolutely gorgeous!
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  1. I think you are absolutely right. Although, I too often let my hair go for too long without a good cut, mostly because of the price.


    1. Me too, even though I own a salon I don't have time to get a haircut. The good thing about getting a good haircut is that it will hold it's shape for a few months!

  2. I agree! When i take the extra time to style my hair it almost always makes any outfit work. Alternatively, it can motivate me to step my wardrobe up a notch if that department is lacking. :-)


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