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Oct 15, 2012

Uh, What Day Is It?

I am so behind on 31 Days and I'm sitting typing days 13, 14 and 15 right now on Oct 15!  I'm not gonna give up just yet.  Anyway, my weekend was crammed pack but it was fun. 

 I saw two concerts with my sis and had so much fun.  We saw The XX on Friday night and it was so worth the $80 ticket.  I usually don't mind splurging on a great concert, it was an amazing show!

I decided to invite some friends over for dinner and pumpkin carving on saturday night.  My cheap and easy dinner that I like to do for a crowd is Tamales from my favorite Mexican bakery.  They cost around $15 a dozen and I make some rice, beans and salsa to go with them.  Cheap but maybe not so chic, but so delicious. 

Alex planning out his Angels pumpkin with his iPhone.  Yes, even the teens had fun.

 First the dirty work.

Emma helping with the drawing.

Just put a disposable tablecloth down and wrap up the mess and chuck it in the trash!

Their finished work and they didn't want us parents to help them!

Another one by Emma.

 Now it's S'more time!

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