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Oct 15, 2012

Yes, I am a Music Geek...

I love music, I couldn't live without it.  I am always on the hunt for new songs, artist and stations.  This is why I love my iPhone.  I can listen to almost any radio station in the world with it.  I can discover music from all over, with it.  Here are the apps I use when I drive my hour and a half commute to work or when I am schlepping the kids around town.

KCRW App: Best radio station in the world and it is out of Santa Monica College, and member supported.  I listen to their shows live and when NPR is on I can listen to their internet show KCRW Eclectic 24.  This is where I find all my new artist.

TuneIn: My sis loves this App because she can listen to her favorite radio stations in the UK (she used to live in Ireland and fell in love with an Irish boy who loves music too).  She just told me the stations she listens to, one in London, one in Austria somewhere?  I will check out those stations.  You can listen to stations all over the world with TuneIn.

8tracks: Love this app.  This is where I make my playlist and follow other people who make kick A#$ playlist.  There are all genres of playlist created by music geeks, DJ's, record labels, you name it.  Some of the college kids on here have such amazing playlist.  

Pandora:  An oldie but a goodie.  We listen to Pandora at the salon because there aren't any commercials.  The only problem is they play the same songs over and over.  Still good music because they have artist like Grimes, Beach House, you name it,  which you don't hear on regular stations.  

Spotify: This one is tough for me.  I keep trying to get it, but I just don't.  I don't want all my friends on Facebook to know that I'm listening to Radiohead or Hall & Oats.  My friend Shirley who owns Blazing Saddles swears by it (she makes all her great playlist on it) and she keeps trying to show me how great it is.  Maybe I'm just a slow learner and I'll catch on sooner or later.  

Where do you find your new music? 

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  1. BBC6 Music in London, England
    ORF FM 4 in Vienna, Austria
    Phantom 105.2 in Dublin, Ireland
    Check them out on TuneIn!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I'm not going to lie, I'm in a music rut right now, and am dying for some more variety. I really believe that music is an important part of life, so thanks for the app ideas. Im going to look into them!

  3. Your welcome Amanda, what kind of music do you like? I can make you a playlist and post it to 8tracks. I've got every genre and thousands of songs! Just let me know.


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