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cheap & chic

Yes, I know, I'm playing catch-up on the 31 Days but life gets a little too crazy sometimes.  
If you want to see my other post you can find them all here.  Here is where you can find all the other ladies doing the 31 Days on Nesting Place.  Now lets do this, shall we?

Here are the two shoes I will be buying this fall and you know where they are from?   TARGET!  Yes, I love this store because I can find cheap knock-offs and the quality isn't so bad.  First, I will be getting these shoes for only $29.99 and here's how I will be rockin' them. 

Red Pants?... check.  Black top?... check.  Stick legs?... um no.

Want one of these jackets!
Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com via Michele on Pinterest


 I have been wanting the Cole Haan version of these Oxfords for awhile now but didn't want to pay $178 for them.  Now the knock-offs are at Target for $19.99!  You can check them out here.
Here's how I'll be rockin' the leopard pumps... and you?

Cheap & Chic Beauty Products

As I said before in this post, I don't mind splurging a little on the products I use on my face.  What I do mind is paying a lot for a product when I could spend a lot less for a product that does the same thing.  I love Olay products and use them regularly.  They always get great reviews and make it on Allure Magazines Readers Choice Awards.  Another Hollywood secret, that a lot of my clients use, is the Jergens Natural Glow self-tanner, it will give you the perfect amount of color without the scary orange look.  Here are a few of my  favorite products that won't cost you a fortune. 

Try them out and let me know how you like them!

Tomboy Chic

Yes, I am so lucky that I get to wear whatever I want to work!  Since I am a hairstylist in West Hollywood, I have to look stylish when I go to work.  I also have to be comfortable because I am on my feet 10 hours a day cutting, coloring and blow-drying.  

I would call my style Tomboy Chic, I hardly ever wear dresses or anything girly.  I usually wear jeans or cords and a v neck t-shirt.  I don't stray to far from that uniform.  I also don't like being to matchy perfect (is that a word?), I always have only part of my shirt tucked in and I try not to match my jewelry.  The problem with being a hair colorist is that you almost always get hair color or bleach on your clothes and ruin them so I don't want to spend too much money on them. 

 Here are my wardrobe staples for fall.  I bought two pairs of the same ripped up skinny jeans (don't do the boyfriend cut unless your a size two, they look way too saggy on your rear end and that's not cute) and two pairs of cords, one brown and one grey, at the Gap.  The Gap was having their buy one get one half off so I couldn't pass it up. 

Now that I have my basics I add sweaters, blazers, jewelry and scarves and mix it all up.  The thing I do splurge on are my purse and shoes, they definitely make the outfit. If I find a stylish, low heeled, comfortable shoe I will buy it regardless of the cost (well almost, and don't tell my husband).  I also love a nice bag; I usually carry the same purse for over a year so if I divided the cost by how many days a year I use it only cost a few cents (well that's my crazy reasoning).  
Here are a few of the pieces I bought for fall, I didn't get the bag but it's super cute.  My t-shirts are almost always from Target and my pants from the Gap.  I did buy these super cute Sam Edelman booties from Nordstrom's and I'll probably wear them everyday to work.  

Cheap & Chic fall 2012 style

Here's what you will usually find me wearing to work.  Found these on Pinterest where you can follow me here.

Source: poppynyc.com via Michele on Pinterest
Source: meganthology.com via Michele on Pinterest

I will definitely be trying to find a pair of royal blue high tops to wear this fall.  Yeah, I know I'm 45 but I like this look!
Source: sincerelyjules.com via Michele on Pinterest

Found this today on Glitter Guide and loved every piece on here.  Carrie on Dream Green DIY did it, I love her blog.  I have been eyeing the deer head for about a year now and thought it was going to be a trend that I would get sick of, but I still like it.  Might have to get the larger version of it.  Here's where you can find these lovely pieces.


Oh scarves, how I love my scarves.  It just amazes me how one little piece of fabric can dramatically change an outfit.  A scarf can make any outfit go from boring to fabulous. Since you will usually find me in jeans and a t-shirt, I love to add some style and color with a scarf.  You always see the celeb's wearing a scarf no matter what they are wearing.  If they can pull it off than so can we.  
Here are a few of my favorites for fall.

scarves 2012

scarves 2012 by michelejonietz featuring h&m
photo from CelebStyle.com

Clockwise from top left: H&M $11.00 in bright blue, coral and burgundy;
Forever 21 $8.99; Gap $29.95; Target  $14.99;  Target $12.00; Old Navy $14.94

Yes, those are the correct prices, kind of great how you can make your outfit look super stylish for that price.  In the set above I mixed up a few different bright color combinations.  Since I usually wear solid colors I like to mix it up with a bright patterned scarf.  My favorite is the Gap neon animal print scarf and animal prints are really hot this fall.  By the way, Gap is having a 30% off online sale that ends tomorrow, so buy it now.  
 Pretty cool that most of the scarves shown above are under $15.00, it's such a great deal!

Scarves fall 2012 Cheap & Chic

Clockwise from top left: Forever 21 $12.80; Forever 21 $7.99; Forever 21 $8.80; 
Old Navy  $14.94; Gap $29.95

  Hmm...I would have to say that my favorite is the Forever 21 Missoni knock-off for $7.99, it looks a lot like this Missoni scarf that's $150!  

Now, how do I wear a scarf you ask?  I've found this awesome video on 25 ways to wear a scarf.  This girl is brilliant and she shows us in less than five minutes.   

So, which scarf do you like best?

Summer Style

I love summer!  I love the heat and how the sun is out late.  The one thing I don't like is trying to figure out what I'm going to wear to work when it's hot outside.  I have a hot, messy job and I need to be cool, comfortable and stylish.  Here is what I am wearing this summer.
Let's start at the top, shall we?

I got my straw fedora that looks a little like this one at Old Navy.  I always keep it in my car with my soccer mom stuff because there usually isn't any shade on a soccer field!

For years I've been wearing only aviators, it's just my thing.  I love Ray Ban's, Michael Kors and I lust after Tom Ford's.  

It's all about gold.  I still wear my silver and platinum bracelets and rings but I mix it with my gold bracelets and necklaces.  Got a few new gold plated pieces that were all under $50 at this great new store across the street from my salon called Espionage.  I will always wear a cuff or leather bracelet of some sort, love them. 

You will usually see me in a v-neck t-shirt, They're super comfy and if I get color on them I can just throw them out and buy more because they are so cheap.  I usually buy these from J Crew or these from Target, in lots of different colors.  I also love fitted blazers in different colors.  I usually buy them a size too small because I like them really fitted.  I just bought a red one on sale from the Gap.  
Everyone should own a denim, snap front, shirt, they are so comfortable and you can wear them with anything.  I got mine at Old Navy but I saw this one at Madewell.

 I love my bright blue and red skinny, ankle length, jeans.  I got the red skinny jeans for under $20 at TJ Maxx and my blue ones were from The Gap ,which are on sale now.  I also scored big with my Current Elliott jeans, I didn't have to pay full price, thanks to a friend.  I love my Current Elliott jeans because they are also ankle length and show off my cute shoes but they are also in this really dark blue wash, which I love.  I also just bought these super comfy jeans from the Gap in Grey; I love the zipper at the ankle.

Nail Polish:
I love my blue and neon coral Nails Inc. polishes.  I always get compliments on my blue toenails.

Shoes and Bag:
The best purchase I've made this summer are these Sam Edelman sandals.  They are so comfortable because they have a low heel and open toe.  I always get compliments when I wear them and clients are calling and asking where I got them (Nordstrom).  Every summer I buy a few pairs of  Old Navy flip-flops.  I have them in many colors and at 2 for $5 you can buy them in every color! 
That blue suede J Crew bag is something I would love to have... hmm maybe for my birthday? 

My style by michele jonietz
My style, a photo by michele jonietz on Flickr.

What I'm wearing:
Gap Jeans, super stretchy and comfortable.  Everyone should own a pair of cropped jeans, it's easier to tuck them into your boots.
I am loving stripes right now.  This is one of my favorite shirts and I got it at  Cotton On.  I always get compliments on this top and it was only $19!
Boots are by Born, who makes super comfortable and reasonably priced shoes.
Chain is by Club Monaco
Beads are by 31 Bits ( love this company, they buy the jewerly from women in Uganda who make these beads out of paper.)
One of my favorite things is this orange leather bracelet by Hermes (beautiful gift from a friend). 

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